BTS Optimization for GSM networks

Automatic optimal cell-site selection and equipment configuration


Tool description:

  • BTS_Opt is a decision support tool that selects optimal network configurations from a huge set of predefined possible cell sites each with variable configurations like antenna main direction, antenna downtilt, and optionally different EIRP for macro/micro cell layout.

  • BTS_Opt optimizes covered traffic given by different traffic distributions (e.g. day and night-time traffic). 

  • BTS_Opt is a self-tailored branch-and-bound optimization algorithm solving your problems to optimality. It does not come with the drawbacks of often-used heuristics. In many cases the optimal solution is found at early stages of the algorithm and the remaining time is just used to prove optimality in a mathematical sense. Starting with a reasonable initial solution and improving it constantly, BTS_Opt may be terminated at any time returning a feasible and improved network configuration together with an upper bound to evaluate this particular solution.


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Test scenario:

  • An urban area of 8 square kilometers with 1000 traffic nodes.

  • 30 possible sites with 4 different configurations each. The maximum number of erected BTS should be 10. 

  • The number of possible network configurations is 1.2e14. Evaluating every solution would be out of reach.

  • BTS_Opt finds the optimal configuration within 40 minutes by exploring just 0.00006 % of all solutions and cutting the rest by bounds.

  • The optimal solution found covers 35 % more traffic than a reasonable initial solution.



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  • Various options facilitate self defined branching rules and search strategies to get a grip on even toughest problems.

  • Additional constraints ensuring the compliance with governmental radiation limits may optionally be used for environmentally compatible network configurations. Otherwise, reconfiguring your network at later stages to meet public demands may be very expensive. 

  • Offers a the simple, easy-to-use graphical user interface and is perfectly suited to be used as an Add-On in leading GIS and radio network planning software tools.



  • Various field strength predictions for all possible sites and their configurations are necessary in a preprocessing step. We highly recommend CORLA for fast results.


Your benefits:

  • Get more revenue. BTS_Opt maximizes the service quality of your existing network. More traffic can be served and last but not least billed.

  • Save millions in operational costsBTS_Opt figures out sites that are not needed. The same amount of traffic might (even better) be served with less but cleverly arranged sites.