Node B Optimization

Automatic optimal cell-site selection and equipment configuration


Tool description:

  • The possible traffic load of a cell in 3G networks (W-CDMA, IS-95) depends on the other cells and on the traffic distribution. We propose a comprehensive optimization algorithm, that places and configures Node Bs and assigns user equipments to these Nodes in a way that the amount of served traffic is maximized. Important criterions are up- and downlink Eb/N0 service quality demands. The algorithm recognizes soft-handover areas and minimizes the assigned power to user equipments.

Your benefits:

  • Get more revenue. Node_B_Opt maximizes the service quality of your existing network. More traffic can be served and last but not least billed.

  • Save millions in operational costsNode_B_Opt figures out sites that are not needed. The same amount of traffic might (even better) be served with less but cleverly arranged sites.