Key competences
TNC has long-standing experience in the areas of

Mobile and fixed network design and optimization
Automated cell planning and configuration
Decision support and network provisioning tools
Radio wave propagation prediction
Capacity and power control for CDMA
Frequency assignment

Our methodologies include the fields of

Stochastic Modeling
Applied Optimization

Methods from stochastic modeling and our recent developments in large scale combinatorial optimization led to the channel allocation tool CHASS, presently used by the German network operator D2 Vodafone.

Mixed integer linear programming and heuristics such as Simulated Annealing are deployed in our approach to fixed network optimization. Previous versions of the corresponding tool have been successfully tested by Nortel Dasa with cost reductions of more than 10% over existing network layouts.

Combinatorial optimization and heuristics for hard problems provided the key instruments to the development of decision support and network provisioning modules.

Cryptology was the key issue in our design of digitized postage marks and PC-franking, a joint project with Deutsche Post AG. Basic issues were the electronic stamp and money transport.